Better Mailings Start With Better Mailing Lists

Casinos are uniquely positioned to use direct mail to increase profits, so you’d almost have to be crazy not to take full advantage of this opportunity. Yet the vast majority of properties still haven’t unlocked the potential of their mail programs. If your program has room for improvement, a great place to start is improving your mailing list. There are a few key ares to think about: … [Read more...]

Read Adam’s Latest Article in Indian Gaming Magazine

If you missed it in the July issue of Indian Gaming Magazine, here's a link to the latest article by Opticity CEO, Adam Smithline: Using Effective Segmentation to Increase Player Value.   We hope you find it worthwhile and informative. … [Read more...]

Using Effective Segmentation to Increase Player Value – Part 3

  For many casino marketing directors, one of the biggest challenges is trying to make sense of vast amounts of rated player activity data.  Before you can use it to drive marketing programs you need to organize and understand it.  In Using Effective Segmentation to Increase Player Value – Part 1 we introduced the idea of creating a player segmentation, and in Using Effective … [Read more...]

Using Effective Segmentation to Increase Player Value – Part 2

  As a casino operator you are sitting on a mountain of invaluable data.  In the right hands, this data can be used to increase player value over time through strategic database marketing.  One of the techniques used to accomplish this feat is player segmentation. In Using Effective Segmentation to Increase Player Value – Part 1 we identified six player attributes that should form … [Read more...]

Using Effective Segmentation to Increase Player Value – Part 1

Today’s leading casino operators realize the importance of optimizing player value.  Using strategic direct marketing they are able to minimize reinvestment on low-value players while growing the theoretical win of high-value players over time.  One of the tools they use to accomplish this objective is player segmentation. Developing player segmentation is an excellent way to identify and … [Read more...]

Check out the “Casino Database Marketing Strategy” Series

Now that we've returned from our third trade show in as many months we can turn our attention to other things.  First among them is producing an informational series to answer many of the database marketing strategy questions that seem to come up again and again in our discussions with casino marketers. We are happy to share with you the first installment of our Casino Database Marketing … [Read more...]

A Simple Secret to Decrease Player Attrition

  There are many things you can do to try to keep your best players.  You can train your team to provide highly personal service, you can upgrade the benefits you offer your top tier, you can improve the quality of your hotel, amenities and entertainment, and more.   While all of these are important strategies, there is something else you can do in addition to these techniques … [Read more...]

Calculating The Value of Player Optimization

  If you play a significant role in casino marketing then you probably have some awareness of the disparity in sophistication between direct marketing programs across the industry. There is a wide range, and which end of the spectrum you find yourself on may have little or nothing to do with your experience and vision. Even the most strategic marketing pros struggle when they lack the … [Read more...]

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