At Opticity, our goal is simple.  We want to make it easy to send the right offer to the right player at the right time.  Because only with the right strategy can you maximize player value over the long run.

Unlike other systems available today, Opticity makes highly advanced direct marketing simple. Really simple. So you can drive your own campaigns without the need for expensive consultants.  By harnessing the power trapped in casino marketing systems and providing easy-to-use dashboards, segmentation capabilities and closed-loop reporting that gives a true picture of all player revenue and reinvestment costs, Opticity empowers casino marketers to run sophisticated programs with a few clicks, resulting in a winning combination of cost reduction and revenue improvement.


Adam Headshot
Adam Smithline, CEO and Co-founder

Adam is the driving force behind Opticity.  He guides the product and the people while providing the vision and leadership to help the company succeed.

Prior to forming Opticity he was Practice Director for Senturus, a leader in corporate performance management and business intelligence system development.  Before Senturus he served as Vice President of Marketing for mobile software developer Buongiorno as well as web mail pioneer Everyone.net, and Director of Marketing Intelligence for staffing giant Robert Half International.  Adam earned his B.S. from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

Greg Herrera, Co-founder

Greg brings extensive experience in both business and technology to Opticity, where he guides strategy and technology.  Prior to Opticity Greg founded Senturus in 2001, and grew it into a leading national provider of performance management solutions.  Greg developed his expertise in performance tracking and forecasting as Vice President of Sales for Millenia Vision Corporation where his contributions helped grow revenue from $5M to $80M in three years.  Greg graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, and received his MBA from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

John Peterson, Co-founder

John is our resident business intelligence visionary, and with over 20 years of experience, he is also a seasoned technology management and marketing executive.  In addition to providing product leadership, he helps guide business development and corporate strategy.  John was an early partner in Senturus where he has served as COO and directed all client engagements for companies ranging from Chevron to Wells Fargo.  John has also held senior roles at Virage, Inc., Apple Computer, Sony and Bechtel.  He earned undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in Economics from Stanford University, and received his MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

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