Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma Chooses Opticity PLAYER MARKETING™

Native Lights

Tonkawa, Oklahoma – September 29, 2015 – Oklahoma’s Tonkawa Tribe, operators of multiple casino properties within the state, has selected Opticity to enable advanced data analysis and automate marketing. Tonkawa properties including native Lights Casino, Tonkawa Indian Casino East and Tonkawa Indian Casino West have all subscribed to Opticity for data integration, dashboards, analytics and player marketing.

“Opticity offered a sensible solution that met all of our needs, making this an easy decision for us” said Phillip Glass, General Manager of all three properties. “Having all of our data integrated, and easily accessible for analysis, is what we needed to grow our business to its full potential.”

With their monthly subscription the Tonkawa and Native Lights properties now have access to Opticity DATA INTEGRATOR & TRANSFORMER™, which combines data from transactional systems, cleans it and summarizes it for easy analysis. Also included were Opticity ANALYSIS™ for ad-hoc analysis and data mining, and Opticity DASHBOARD™, giving each user a drag-and-drop custom dashboard to keep key performance indicators in plain view.

Opticity’s ease-of-use and casino-friendly subscription model have attracted considerable attention and allowed the company to experience rapid growth in recent months.

“Oklahoma is a very successful gaming market, and being selected by the Tonkawa Tribe is a great indication that our solution and way of doing business are well-suited to Native American casino operators,” added Opticity CEO Adam Smithline. “We combine a great product with simple, affordable pricing, and world-class training and support, to ensure the success of every Opticity subscriber. We aren’t satisfied unless our customers are absolutely delighted.”

Based in Silicon Valley, and designed specifically for casinos, Opticity offers an affordable alternative to the data warehouse offerings of larger casino software vendors. The platform, developed by a team of leading experts in all facets of data science and business intelligence, is robust, accurate and highly secure. By giving operators a thorough understanding of player activity and underlying performance drivers, Opticity provides an important competitive advantage.

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