Better Mailings Start With Better Mailing Lists

Casinos are uniquely positioned to use direct mail to increase profits, so you’d almost have to be crazy not to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Yet the vast majority of properties still haven’t unlocked the potential of their mail programs. If your program has room for improvement, a great place to start is improving your mailing list. There are a few key ares to think about: targeting, the depth of your data, and data cleanliness.


Targeting is all about figuring out who to mail, and how often. This should be job one. If you’ve been sending the same offers to the same people every month it is time for a change.

Start by segmenting your players and determining who you will mail to, and who you won’t. Much has already been written about segmentation, and this topic deserves careful study. At the very least try to group your top players, your medium-to-high value players who are due for a visit, high ADT infrequent players, new players, inactive players, players with increasing overall value and players with decreasing visit frequency.

Data Depth

Data depth refers to the level of knowledge you have about your players. This allows you to craft a message that is relevant for the player, and relevancy drives response.

Knowing a player’s ADT isn’t enough. Consider how you might communicate differently with a player if you knew their play was increasing? Or decreasing? Or if they recently had a string of bad luck? Or what their favorite machine was?

Improving relevancy will not only boost response rates, but more importantly you’ll begin to develop deeper and longer-lasting relationships with your players, thus increasing your share of wallet in a competitive market.

Data Cleanliness

Data cleanliness refers to the accuracy and completeness of your data. Your efforts to segment players will be wasted if the data isn’t right to begin with. What’s worse, sending a player offers that aren’t appropriate for them gives the impression that you don’t value their business.

Dirty data has more obvious costs as well. Many properties struggle to identify and track bad mailing addresses in their database. This can result in continuously mailing to undeliverable addresses resulting in wasted effort as well as wasted production and postage expense.

In Conclusion…

By now the advantages of improving your mailing list should be obvious. But for most casinos this sounds good in practice, and difficult to implement in reality.

Player data is difficult to access, and may be spread out across multiple systems. The time and skills needed to extract and manipulate the data are scarce. And the well-known solutions being offered by the major casino software vendors are expensive.

If these problems sound familiar, perhaps it’s time to consider something new.  Solutions being offered by Opticity and similar companies can give you consistently deep and clean data along with the tools to segment and market to players as you wish. In fact, for less than the cost of one data analyst you can now have a complete data warehouse and CRM solution at your fingertips.

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